Functional Nanomaterials

The development of next generation green nano-devices with greatly reduced power dissipation and multifunctional properties is one of the greatest challenges in current nanoscience. This creates an enormous demand for functional nanostructures and novel nano-materials. In this research field, we explore new synthesis routes to fabricate nanomaterials and -structures with tailored structure-property relations. Bottom-up nanotechnology and self-assembly play an important role in the synthesis and growth of such nanomaterials. Their intricate optical, electronic and mechanical (quantum) properties are investigated and understood from a fundamental point of view. 

Mesocrystals based on Magnetic- and Semiconducting Nanoparticle Assemblies: From Structure-Properties Relation to Applications

Nanoparticle-based artificial materials with fully tailored properties provide fascinating new opportunities for a wealth of applications. Magnetic mesocrystals are a particularly intriguing new class of such nanomaterials, where nanoparticles self-assemble into well–ordered, crystalline 2D or 3D superlattices. The mesocrystalline structure transposes the nanoparticle properties to macroscopic length scales and results in a complex structure-property relationship, which is explored in this project.


Transport and optical property investigation of size-controlled luminescent semiconductor-metal hybrid nanostructures at single particle level

In this project, our primary aim is to probe the size-reduction-induced electronic state modification of ultra-small luminescent Si NPs and plasmonic noble metal (Au or Ag) NP individually by means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM).