Figure 1: a) Schematic illustration of low temperature THz spectroscopy and transport setup. b) THz spectroscopic measurement of a Au split-ring resonator

In the electromagnetic spectrum Terahertz (THz) radiation lies between the infrared and microwaves. This part of the spectrum has long been unused due to the lack of suitable generators. Recently, however, THz spectroscopy becomes increasingly popular for material analysis. THz radiation also possesses large potential for next-generation communication and computing devices. In this project we advance the current technology by integrating a new cw-THz system in a transport spectrometry setup at low temperatures and high magnetic fields (Figure 1). This combination is particularly useful to study dynamics and excitations in solid state nanodevices as well as correlating their transport properties with frequency-resolved THz spectroscopy measurements.


Contributors: Julian Braun, Mengqi Fu
Former contributors: Stefan Egle, Torsten Pietsch
External cooperations: Ivan Camara Mayorga (MPI für Radioastronomie, Bonn)
Period: Jan 2014 - Dec 2017