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Mesoscopic Systems

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Welcome to the Scheer Group

Elke Scheer is the spokesperson of the "Integrated Research and Training Group" IRTG of the collaborative research center SFB 767. For detailed information about projects and activities, please refer to the website of the SFB 767.

Group Profile

Contacts on state-of-the-art integrated circuits have typical lateral sizes of a few thousand atoms. Nevertheless, the electrical transport of these wires (at room temperature) is successfully described in macroscopic terms like resistance and resistivity, voltage, current, etc. At low temperature, however, structures of this size reveal effects caused by the quantum nature of the electrons.

Questions under study, to which we carry out basic research, include:

  • Down to which size can the macroscopic description be scaled down?
  • How does electronic transport work on the atomic scale?
  • Which new effects appear in metallic nanostructures and in hybrid structures of metals and molecules?
  • Can these effects be applied in future electronic circuits?

An active research field of the group is Molecular Electronics. On the long-term, Molecular Electronics aims towards the assembly of complete electric circuits made from single molecules, each one acting as an independent electronic compound (e.g., a diode, wire, or transistor).

Book about Molecular Electronics

by Juan Carlos Cuevas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) & Elke Scheer (Universität Konstanz, Germany)

Buchcover Molecular Electronics

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Job Offers - Bachelor students

We are offering a range of interesting Bachelor theses concerning mesoscopic systems. Students can choose between research projects in the field of electronic currents at low temperatures, electronic currents through organic molecules (high and low temperatures) and the interaction of light and electrons (high temperatures).

If you feel you might be interested in any of those issues, feel free to ask Elke Scheer, Torsten Pietsch  or any of the Master and PhD students in our group for more information.

If you are interested in a position as a Bachelor, Master or PhD student, or if you are looking for a Staatsexamen thesis or a HiWi job, please refer to our Job Offers site.