Write your thesis in the Scheer group!

The main research of the Scheer group is concentrated on physics at the nanometer scale. Single atoms, single molecules or other nanoobjects are used to characterize phenomena only found in these restricted geometries.

An often used technical realization is the so-called mechanically controllable break junction (MCBJ) which offers the possibility of analyzing single-atom contacts by, simply speaking, controlled thinning of a metallic wire down to only a few atoms in diameter. Another way of how we investigate nano scale physics is the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). Here an atomically sharp tip electronically scans the surface layers of a sample to record its electronic signature.

1. For Thesis projects and labworks please contact Prof. Dr. Elke Scheer (elke.scheer@uni-konstanz.de) directly, since the topics are changing rapidly. We are offering projects in all research directions of the group.

2. HiWi positions: Student Assistant in Nanomechanics

Low-temperature cryostat for STM measurements.

Our low-temperature setups are capable of cooling down to only 10 mK above the absolute zero, which is needed to do physics with superconducting structures in combination with ferromagnetic materials. These are possible building blocks for a new generation of spin-based computers in the future.

Experimental techniques which you will learn

  • Electron microscopy
  • Micro- and nanotechnology
  • Vacuum- and pumping techniques
  • Low-temperature techniques
  • High-resolution transport measurements
  • Numerical data acquisition and evaluation

For project topics please address:

Prof. Dr. Elke Scheer                   -           elke.scheer@uni-konstanz.de
Prof. Dr. Johannes Boneberg      -           Johannes.boneberg@uni-konstanz.de
Prof. Dr. Angelo Di Bernardo       -           angelo.dibernardo@uni-konstanz.de