The research of Prof. Dr. Elke Scheer is mainly focused in the field of mesoscopic physics with strong emphasis on nanoelectronics where novel electronic transport phenomena in reduced dimensions are explored. Her research interests include the study of mesoscopic superconductivity in hybrid systems consisting of superconductors and non superconducting materials.

Another important research activity is given by the field of molecular electronics devoted to the study of electric and thermoelectric properties of single-molecule junctions with the aim to unravel their transport mechanisms. 

Jointly with Prof. Dr. Johannes Boneberg, Elke Scheer follows her research interests in nanooptoelectronics, in which optical fields and nanoplasmonic elements are used to control the transport through atomic size conductors.  

Finally the vibrations of nanomembranes are explored as alternative control knob of the electronic transport behavior of atomic and molecular size circuits. 

The group of Prof. Dr. Angelo Di Bernardo focuses on the investigation of the physical properties of systems combining superconductor (S) and ferromagnet (F) materials. Their research fits into the emerging research field currently known as ''superconducting spintronics'' which aims at developing electronic devices with high energy efficiency for large data centres and quantum technology applications. 

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